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Polymax2 Refrigerant oil just will not absorb water or moisture.... and it's formulated to actually repel moisture!
These photos provide a closer look at the test using Polymax2 refrigerant oil and water (dyed red). As soon as the oil is poured into the water (right) it immediately separates and forms a layer... and will not mix or absorb the water!

Although we didn't use exact measurements, our mixture of water to oil was about 50/50. The test was conducted at room temperature.

Polymax2 Refrigerant oil mixed with water (dyed red)
The photo below shows how the Polymax2 refrigerant oil formed a second layer on top of the water. Unlike the PAG 100, it did not mix or absorb the water.

Polymax2 Refrigerant oil just will not mix!
We even took the Polymax2 / water sample and shook it vigorously for 30 seconds, duplicating the same test we did with the PAG 100 oil. The photos tell the entire story. Initially, it looked like the they would mix. Letting the mixture stand for about 90 seconds, it was clear to see that the oil never really mixed with the water.
Get a close up look at these photos and see for yourself what happened. After shaking the sample we let it stand, taking photos over the next 90 seconds. Take a close up look right here or click the images! | Back to the oil test | See the PAG oil test | The COOL ZONE!

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