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Shoot'n Shine™ UV Dye

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Shoot'n Shine™ UV Dye - approved for all A/C systems- AR 4280

Brilliant dye that illuminates under UV light! Use 1/4 oz. of this concentrate for each system. 8 oz bottle provides enough dye for 32 applications! Includes measuring bottle.
$35.67 each 8 oz. Bottle (32 applications)

Shoot'n Shine™ UV Dye - 1/4 oz. 'Squirt' Bottles - AR 4285

Brilliant dye that illuminates under UV light! Use 1/4 oz. of this concentrate for each system. Package of 12 x 1/4oz. 'squirt' bottles! Enough for 12 applications.
$17.49/ 12 Pack x 1/4 oz.
UV Dye Injectors featuring the Shooter

The Shooter™ UV Dye/Oil Injector - AR 6232

Refrigerant oil injectors allow you to add refrigerant oil to any automotive A/C system - even when the A/C system is fully charged! Get all the auto A/C parts and tools you need at the COOL ZONE!
Quit paying the high price of replacement cartridges for those 'cartridge type' injectors. Now you can easily add any refrigerant oil to any automotive A/C system, even when it's fully charged.
$69.95 each Kit -

UV Dye Injector - 1/4 oz. Capacity - AR 6224

This injector holds a 1/4" of UV dye; Installs in line on your charge hose. For R-12 or R-134a gauge sets. Don't forget to see tool section for more tools!
$57.95 each Kit

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