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A/CE™ Auto A/C eBook Manuals -
A10 Minute A/C Diagnosis... Guaranteed!
-Diagnose any auto A/C system quickly and accurately... in minutes!

Auto A/C System Diagnostic Charts! BUY This eBook Now!
Quickly understand the principles that make the auto A/C system work and learn the short cuts, tips and tricks that the pros use every day to quickly diagnose any auto A/C system in minutes.

Don't be confused! Quick doesn't mean inaccurate! This set of trouble tree diagnostic charts walk you through an accurate and reliable auto A/C system diagnosis procedure step-by-step. Just spend an hour with this book and you will quickly be able to diagnose any auto A/C system on the road in minutes!

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$ 19.95 each -

A/CE™ Auto A/C eBook Manuals -
Auto Air Conditioning Diagnostic Charts -Complete Diagnosis Charts for every auto A/C system on the road!

Auto A/C System Diagnostic Charts! BUY This eBook Now!
Don't let auto air conditioning diagnosis frustrate you! When you've got the manifold gauges connected, the pressure gauge readings only tell you what the A/C system pressures are. Pressures don't tell you what the problem is and they certainly don't tell you how to fix it either!

Save time and money while improving your A/C system diagnosis with all the 'System Specific' Diagnosis Charts! Just get the pressure gauge readings, match the readings and condition on the chart and follow the fix! It's just that easy! It's just that accurate!
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$24.95 each -

A/CE™ Auto A/C eBook Manuals -
Variable Displacement Compressor Diagnostics - Auto A/C Diagnosis for all A/C system using Variable Displacement Compressors

A/C Diagnosis for all systems using Variable Displacement A/C Compressors! BUY This eBook Now!
Diagnosing problems on auto air conditioning systems that use variable displacement compressors can be difficult. Simple 'No cooling' problems can be caused by a failure of just the control valve, the compressor itself or one of the other system components. So what do you replace first? You don't replace anything! Not at least until you've tested the system properly!

These complete diagnostic charts provide you everything you need to test the complete A/C system. In fact, there's actually a procedure to test for low charge! The truth is, unless you have the complete and proper diagnostics for systems using variable displacement compressors, anything else you do is just a guess!
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$22.95 each -

A/CE™ Auto A/C eBook Manuals -
Everything Vacuum Pump Manufacturer Don't Want You to Know!

BUY This eBook Now! Everything Vacuum Pump Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know!
Vacuum pumps are one of the most expensive pieces of auto A/C service equipment. Do you know that it's been estimated that over 90% of the ones in service today don't work properly? Do you know there are small mistakes you could be making right now that are causing permanent damage to your vacuum pump and those mistakes will cause it to fail prematurely? Now you can find all the details that vacuum pump manufacturers didn't want you know. We show you step-by-step details on how you can rebuild and restore your vacuum pump right on your shop floor, without any special tools. The entire process takes less than a few hours and you will be surprised at what you will find!
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$24.95 each -

A/CE™ Auto A/C eBook Manuals -
10 Most Common and Often Overlooked A/C System Leaks

BUY This eBook Now! 10 Most Common and Often Overlooked Auto A/C System Leaks!
A Having problems finding all the leaks in auto A/C systems? It's no longer affordable to keep 'topping off' systems and that's not proper service anyway! Now this A/CE™ Manual reveals all the most common and often overlooked leaks in today's auto A/C systems. Not only does it reveal leak areas that you've probably never thought to test, but it explains why they happen. Fully illustrated and we've also included 2 added bonuses at no additional charge! If you've ever recharged an A/C system only to find that it's lost it's charge in a matter of days, you really need to see this information. Find out all those overlooked leak areas that you've been missing. Save yourself countless hours of 'leak testing' time and loads of money when you can find all the leaks in the auto A/C system!
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$9.95 each -

A/CE™ Auto A/C eBook Manuals -
How to Make a Psychrometer

BUY This eBook Now! How to make and use your own psychrometer to determine relative humidity rigth in your own shop!
A Psychrometer is a rather simple instrument to make and use if you have all the right information! It let's you determine the relative humidity in the air in just a couple of minutes! You know that relative humidity if important to know when you're diagnosing and performance testing auto A/C systems. This A/CE™ manual gives you everything you need to know! It includes detailed step by step instructions and full color photos! Just because we've made it simple and easy to make and understand, don't confuse it with being a toy! The details included in this eBook manual show you how to make an accurate and reliable psychrometer that will provide years of service for just a few dollars!
$9.95 each -

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