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Section 7
Flushing the
Automotive A/C System

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Flushing the Auto A/C System: Still the most important part of auto A/C service! As a matter of fact, flushing and cleaning the system is more critical than getting it charged properly! Why? Because contamination in the A/C system can quickly lead to catastrophic failure of your A/C system, and that's expensive! Do you realize that less than 1/10 of a teaspoon of debris can cause your A/C compressor to fail? Countless A/C systems on the road right now are contaminated. Regardless of whether it's just small particles of debris found on the orifice tube, large pieces or chunks from the A/C compressor, dark oil or even 'black death', whenever contamination is suspected, it's extremely important to flush the A/C system.

What is flushing the auto A/C system all about?:
We reveal the true focus of flushing the A/C system. We dispel myths about what some technicians consider flushing. (No...blowing the system out with air isn't 'flushing'!) Don't be confused about this service because there are very expensive A/C components relying on a clean regular flow of oil. Without flushing, you can never be sure! You simply will not find this information in other manuals, factory service manuals or even in the 'National brand' auto service CD's!

What methods should I use when flushing A/C systems? :
Ask auto A/C service technicians and they will all give you a different answer every time. Are they the right answers? We can't say. But we can tell you that the complete 8 step-by-step procedure that this section uncovers is proven, tested and used by professionals every day! They know the value of removing all the contaminants from the A/C system! They also know the value of eliminating costly 'come backs' too! They really know the value of losing warranty on replacement compressors because the system wasn't flushed right! Let's face it, leaving any contamination in the A/C system will prove fatal to the compressor- without question. That's why the pro's always use this simple 8 step process. It works and it's guaranteed!

But vehicle manufacturer's suggest
not to flush A/C Systems! :

That's right! Most vehicle manufacturer's no longer suggest flushing the system. Do you think it's because they believe contaminated systems operate and cool better? No! It's because they have found countless problems with flush solvents and flush procedures used by so many technicians that they just simply gave up on it! But don't be confused, leaving the contamination in the system will only lead to catastrophic failure.. and that's guaranteed! Learn the right way to flush the A/C system!

What parts of the A/C system do I flush?:
Every auto A/C system is made up of several components. The real trick is that not all of them can be flushed! That's right! Not all A/C system components can be flushed. This section not only clears up a lot of myths about flushing, it also details what components to flush and how to clean up the ones that can't be flushed.

What is that contamination anyway?:
Although the proper steps to clean and flush the A/C system are important, it's also important to understand what the contamination really is. When you know that, you have a better understanding of the condition of the A/C system and what steps you should take to correct it.

Black Death? What's that all about? :
One of the worst symptoms any auto A/C system can suffer. We reveal all the details about how and why this condition happens and the steps you need to take to restore the A/C system.

Can I protect the system after flushing?:
Yes! You can easily protect the A/C system from future contamination. We reveal the steps you should take whenever you have to replace your A/C compressor or flush contamination from the A/C system. We even provide the detailed illustrations to show you how and why they work.

If you're already in the business, then you are wondering
what will this manual do for you?:

Ask yourself this simple question. "Have you ever replaced an A/C compressor and have the new replacement fail?" Like most technicians, you probably have. In fact, we've even helped several technicians who have 'just replaced their 3rd compressor... and still have problems!' Why? Because they don't understand the importance of flushing the A/C system and they don't know how to do it properly! Save time, money and countless hours of frustration when you have the complete 8 steps to flushing the auto A/C system. The price of the manual is nothing compared to the cost of replacing compressors!

Still not sure?:
Look at the facts. What's the cost of a compressor that the manufacturer refuses to warranty? Never mind the time and effort... you could be out hundreds of dollars because you didn't flush the system properly! Let's face it... every compressor supplier stipulates that you 'must flush the A/C system' in order to have a warranty! With the cost of A/C compressors, you can't afford not to know how to flush the A/C system properly and you must know how to do it right the very first time! (You don't get second chances with compressor warranty!) After all, it takes less than 1/10 of a teaspoon of debris to seize your A/C compressor! You can't afford to take the chance! Get all the right answers now before you have to replace that new compressor again!

WIZ Charts™:
WIZ Charts™ are our own unique Quick Reference Guides that can be printed and used at any time. They provide an excellent review of the entire section so you're never caught without help. This section's WIZChart™ details the 8 step method to flushing any auto A/C system on the road! You will easily be able to follow the simple step-by-step procedures the pros use to assure every A/C system is 'squeaky' clean.. every time!

Flushing the auto A/C system - Auto Air Conditioning help and troubleshooting manuals
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Take a closer look at more details
included in Section 7

Learn how the slightest amount of contamination in your auto A/C system can cause the A/C compressor to seize in minutes! We even include the details on how to protect the system from corrosion and debris once you're done!

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We even reveal the details about where the contamination starts and what you can do to prevent it from spreading. We cover everything from minor debris and metal particles to 'black death'!

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You've heard that vehicle manufacturer's no longer suggest flushing, so what do you do? Leave the contamination in the system and void all other parts warranties? NO! Learn why they restored to that and quit making the mistakes many technicians make every day! Learn the right way to do the job. With proper flush procedures you can easily eliminate contamination and debris from the system without fail!

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Find out the proper flush procedure that works on every A/C system... guaranteed! We provide step-by-step details to restore any auto A/C system, no matter how bad the contamination! \

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We reveal the 'small mistakes' that many technicians make causing the replacement compressor to seize within days of being installed. Simply put... you can't afford to do A/C service that way!

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Not sure about certain components of the A/C system? What about 'add on' filters? Suction filters or high side filters? We dispel the myths and show you where you're wasting your money! Learn every last detail you need to restore and protect the A/C system from contamination.

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Get the exact details on how to deal with each of the components in the A/C system. Quit guessing about what parts should be flushed and how to do it. Your replacement A/C compressor isn't going to wait for you to figure it out!

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Includes photos and professional illustrations that clearly explain all the 8 steps to successfully flush any auto A/C system on the road. After all, how many times do you have to replace the same compressor before you get it right? Eliminate the guess work! Get this information now because you will not find these details anywhere else; not in factory manuals, not in jobber stores, not even on National brand auto service CD's!

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Plus you get this great WIZ Chart™!
It's your own exclusive Quick Reference Summary!
All of this is included in  Section 7

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The WIZChart™ is your quick reference guide that provides you the exact details you need to flush and clean any auto A/C system on the road. Ask yourself "how many times you can afford to replace the same compressor if the job's not done right?" Simply follow the 8 steps to flush and clean your A/C system and 'kiss' those seized compressors good bye!

Now you can eliminate all of those little mistakes that can end up costing $1,000's of dollars!
Quit guessing about proper A/C service !

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