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Section 6
Leak Detection for
Automotive A/C Systems

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Leak Detection for Auto A/C Systems: Sounds pretty simple, right? Use a leak detector and find the leaks! Then why do countless leaks go undetected? All of the various leak detection methods really do work, but it's what the A/C service technician doesn't know that causes errors and mistakes! How many times have you heard about false alarms with an electronic leak detectors? There's countless service technicians that don't have good results with UV dyes. Do you find all the leaks all the time? If you're like most service technicians, you've probably had some problems establishing a method that's reliable and accurate all of the time, every time.

Which method is best?:
There are several different methods of A/C leak detection to choose from including UV lights and dyes, electronic leak detectors, ultrasonic leak detectors, nitrogen testing and even Heat Diode designs. So which method is most reliable? That really isn't the big question. The real question is do you understand how they work and what you should be doing to make these methods accurate and reliable all the time!

Are you using your leak detection method properly?:
Do you realize that most missed leaks are not the fault of the leak detection method used? More leaks are missed because of the way the leak detection method is being used! Little mistakes cause so many leaks to go undetected! In fact, the tips and tricks included in this section are not even mentioned in instructions sheets! Do you know that you can improve the reliability and accuracy of auto A/C leak detection by simply making a few adjustments to how you use these methods!

Are they tools or toys?:
Do you know that countless lights are sold for the purpose of A/C leak detection, but they really do not work? More importantly, the brand of light you purchase really makes no difference! In fact, we've found leading national brands of lights that really nice lights, but they do not work for auto A/C leak detection! Understand the true concept of UV leak detection methods and tips and tricks you can use to make this one of the more reliable methods of finding all the leaks. You simply have to start with a light that really works. We've got all the details you need to know.

The best and most reliable methods revealed:
Learn the methods the pros use to find all of the leaks... all of the time! This section includes step by step details how you can make your leak detection work accurately every time! You will even understand how the pros combine different methods of leak detection so they eliminate any guessing! Quit trying to work with neat toys and start using the tools you need for accurate and reliable leak detection today!

Will my old leak detection methods still work?:
This section reveals the details of how all the leak detection methods work and what makes them work. Your existing methods may be fine. But chances are that we're going to show you some tips and tricks that were not included in any instruction sheets that will improve your accuracy and save you a lot of time and money while eliminating a lot of guess work. In fact, just the pros tips and tricks included are probably worth 2 or 3 times the cost of the manual!

If you're already in the business, then you are wondering
what will this manual do for you?:

Simple. If you are already involved in auto A/C service, then you have already experienced the problem when a car returns a few days later with the complete charge gone, right? How did you ever miss that leak? (We know it's happened ;) We show you methods, tips and tricks that are not even mentioned in the instruction manuals and are guaranteed to improve the accuracy and reliability of every leak test you do! Save time and money on every job!

Still not sure?:
Look at the facts. If you've ever missed a single leak in an A/C system, then you know what the real cost of lost refrigerant is, right? And we're not even talking about lost time yet!. The truth is that when you understand how all the methods really work and how you can combine them for the best accuracy, you will eliminate those costly mistakes and find all of the leaks... all of the time!

WIZ Charts™:
WIZ Charts™ are our own unique Quick Reference Guides that can be printed and used at any time. They provide an excellent review of the entire section so you're never caught without help. This section's WIZChart™ details the best methods of auto A/C leak detection and how you can get the most out of combining methods to find all the leaks... all the time!

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Take a closer look at more details
included in Section 6

Is UV Leak detection reliable? It can be when you truly understand how it works. Easily improve your UV Leak detection methods making them more accurate and reliable. This section provides all the information you need in a clear, well illustrated and easy to follow format.

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Take a close up look at the various types of lights that are being sold today. Understand that even some of the lights sold by leading national brands really don't work for reliable leak detection! This section shows you exactly which lights work and why. We even detail the problems that could be in your tool box right now! Those problems could be causing your leak detection methods to be missing leaks!

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We will show you exactly why you could have a problem in your tool box right now! Are you using 'toys' or 'tools'? We will show you how to make UV leak detection far more reliable with simple tips that aren't even included in instructions!

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The Tips and Tricks included are those that the pros use every day. They will help to improve the accuracy and reliability of your leak detection. Just using some of the tips could end up saving you hours of time (not to mention hundreds of dollars) while making your leak detection far more accurate and reliable!

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We cover the the details and step by step procedures that explain the various leak detection methods and how you can get the most out of each of them. Simple mistakes could be causing you to miss leaks. We'll actually show you the best way to assure you find all the leaks in any auto A/C system... all of the time!

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We provide valuable tips on using every one of the leak detection methods available today. In fact, this book includes several tips not even the manufacturer will tell you. Why? Because all of the tips are developed by pros in the field that use the equipment every day!

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Step by step easy to follow details show you the best methods to use plus how to combine these methods for the most reliable and accurate leak tests! All of the information is well illustrated and easy to follow. Stop missing the leaks that cost you money! Get all the right details in this great section about Detecting Leaks in auto A/C systems!

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It's your own exclusive Quick Reference Summary!
All of this is included in  Section 6

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We've detailed exactly what you need to complete accurate leak testing all the time. It's really simple when you understand the process. We even show you how to combine the various methods so that you find all the leaks in any A/C system... all of the time!

Now you can eliminate all of those little mistakes that can end up costing $1,000's of dollars!
Quit guessing about proper A/C service !

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