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Section 5
Performance Testing the
Automotive A/C System

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Performance Testing the auto A/C System:  You've taken the pressure gauge readings so your A/C diagnosis is finished, right? Well, that's what the 'recharge experts' think! The truth is, pressure gauge readings are just one simple part of the complete six step A/C Performance test. This section develops and reviews the complete method to assure you accurate and reliable A/C diagnosis all the time... every time! The manual also establishes and proves the importance of understanding all of the related systems that could easily effect the A/C cooling performance. If you've ever encountered an A/C diagnosis problem, you'll want this manual to sharpen your skills and make your diagnosis reliable!

What is the real auto A/C performance test?:
This manual quickly establishes that the proper A/C Performance Test is really a lot more than just simple pressure gauge readings and recharging. It explains why it is really important to understand the complete diagnosis by detailing things you're probably overlooking. The information in this manual is what really separates the professional A/C service technician from the 'recharge expert'.

Eliminate the mystery behind poor cooling problems :
There is no mystery behind 'poor cooling' problems when you do the complete A/C Performance Test.  All of the routines and methods are proven, reliable and used by professional technicians every day because they know that auto A/C diagnosis is a lot more than just refrigerant and recharging.

We Prove the importance of the A/C Performance Test :
The diagnostic details included in the manual prove the importance of the complete performance test routine. Here's an example that's used in the manual. You've got an A/C system where the complaint is 'poor cooling' because the duct outlet temperatures are about 60° F (or 15.5° C). Where do you start your diagnosis? If you said that you start by connecting the pressure gauges, welcome to the 'recharge experts' club! Did you realize that there's 10 different possible causes for this condition? You will if you're doing the complete Performance Test!

Step-by-step instructions -
Make your A/C diagnosis accurate and reliable every time!:

The manual makes it easy to complete the A/C Performance Test because every part of the 6 Step routine is explained and demonstrated. You will quickly learn how to use this testing method so your A/C diagnosis isn't the old 'trial and error' parts replacement! Understand the importance of doing the complete performance test and make all of your A/C diagnosis more accurate and reliable!

This A/C Performance Test applies to all vehicles:
These methods are used to test and diagnose A/C systems on all vehicles! Regardless if you're working on North American, European or Asian vehicles, the complete A/C performance test will help you complete the most accurate and reliable A/C diagnosis for all the different A/C system designs.

Countless Tips and Tricks -
Things the pro's use every day to eliminate mistakes!:

The Tips and Tricks that the pros use every day will help you with all of your A/C Performance Testing and diagnosis. They detail many of the factors that get over looked every day! Learn how your A/C diagnosis can quickly become more reliable if you only used just a few of the tips included!

Four Great WIZ Charts™ included:
WIZ Charts™ are the best quick reference guides available and you can only get them in the full version of this manual. You can view the details on all the WIZ Charts™ that come with this manual below. We've even included a great 'Check List' form that can be used every time you're working on a vehicle.

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Take a closer look at more details
included in Section 5

When it comes to auto A/C, there is really no mystery about poor cooling problems if you do the complete A/C performance test. The manual explains in detail just how many different things can effect your A/C system cooling performance.

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Detailed schematic illustrations of all the A/C system configurations are included. They help you identify the various systems and understand the differences between all of them. You also know what the expected pressure gauge readings should be, before you start your A/C diagnosis.

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The full version includes a detailed review of Humidity Based Performance Testing using examples from the Pressure/Temperature WIZ Chart™ included. You will see for yourself and learn how the auto A/C system reacts to changes in ambient temperature and humidity! Learn how important it is to be able to factor this into your A/C diagnosis.

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Lots of auto A/C diagnosis Tips and Tricks are included. These are tips the pros use every day. They will not only save you time and money but they will make your A/C diagnosis a lot more accurate and reliable too!

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The 6 Step A/C Performance Test routine is developed and explained - in complete detail! Find out exactly how to do a complete diagnosis that's reliable every time!

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The A/C Performance Test includes detailed diagnosis methods that most 'recharge experts' have never even considered! Learn from actual examples of problems encountered - we explain all of them!

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The manual uses detailed illustrations to explain simple diagnostic routines that go over looked every day! Several 'Tips and Tricks' that you've probably never even thought of!

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The complete A/C Performance Test routine provides you the most reliable and accurate A/C system diagnosis every time... without fail! These are the procedures used by the pros every day and they are all available to you right now!

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Plus you get these great WIZ Charts™!
They're our own exclusive Quick Reference Summary!
All of this is included in  Section 5

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The first 2 page WIZ Chart™ details the important points of the complete A/C Performance Test and diagnosis routine. A great quick reference chart that you can use time and time again!
The Humidity Based Pressure/Temperature WIZ Chart™ let's you easily factor temperature and humidity into your A/C diagnosis. The chart includes expected pressures and duct outlet temperatures for both R-12 and R-134a systems. We've also included this great A/C Performance Test worksheet that you can use with every A/C diagnosis! It details the complete routine. Use it to check off each component as "OK" or "Needs Attention". An excellent worksheet that also helps with estimates!

Now you can eliminate all of those little mistakes that can end up costing $1,000's of dollars!
Quit guessing about proper A/C service !

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