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Section 3
Recharging and Retrofitting A/C Systems

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Recharging and Retrofitting auto A/C Systems:  Sound simple? It really is... when you have the proper procedure and all the right tools. That’s because just adding refrigerant to a system that’s not cooling properly can easily result in other problems that you may not even be aware of. Right now, today, there are countless vehicles experiencing poor A/C cooling performance because somebody's tried a quick fix. You know the one... "just add a little", right? It's too bad because a lot of poor cooling problems are easily be fixed with a simple vacuum and recharge... done the proper way.
Keep in mind when we say ‘all the right tools’ we're not talking about complicated charging stations. It's not that we have anything against charging stations, but this manual concentrates on the ‘basic tools’ required to complete the job properly. The manual is packed with details and illustrations that make it easy for everyone to follow.

If you’re working in a service shop using charging stations, you can benefit too!. Learn all the right procedures to vacuum and recharge any A/C system with a simple set of gauges and you won't be left waiting for the charging station to finish your work! That can put extra money in your pocket tomorrow!

Talking about air conditioning, did you know that air in the system is one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose? Did you know that moisture is corroding your A/C system as we speak? Did you know that these conditioning can easily be avoided by following the right procedures for recharging and adding refrigerant? They can! Both air and moisture seriously effect all automotive A/C systems, new or old; domestic or import. What’s worse is that you could be creating these problems when you add refrigerants without following the proper procedures. The correct procedures will make the job safe and easy, even without complicated and costly equipment.

This manual also covers Retrofitting the Automotive A/C System. We've charted the 12 steps to the complete retrofit process to properly retrofit any automotive A/C system on the road today. But because every vehicle and application is different, we also provide the minimum requirements for a successful retrofit. Knowing all the details before you start makes retrofitting easy.

All of the details are well illustrated in full color. This section on Recharging and Retrofitting includes two full color WIZ Charts (one for Recharging; one for Retrofitting). WIZ Charts are our unique Quick Reference summaries of the entire section. They can be printed from the full version of the manual so you always have them available to refer to. (The free trial version does not include the WIZ Charts).

Also covered in this section are:
- Condenser configurations for retrofitting; No, not all condensers are created equally. We have the complete details

-Micron Vacuum chart; When is the system really under vacuum, and how long does it have to stay there? You'll find out that your gauge reading of 29” of vacuum may be lying to you.

-Plus the pro's Tips and Tricks and a lot more!

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included in Section 3

Learn all the correct and safe procedures to do before connecting your gauge set!

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Includes all the precautions you need to know and understand when adding refrigerant and recharging any auto A/C system!

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Not only do you get the complete 12 steps for Retrofitting any A/C system on the road, but we also provide all the details you need regarding retrofit components so you get the job done right!

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Plus you get the details on A/C Condenser design and configurations. Be sure you have the proper condenser design for maximum cooling of your retrofit application!

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Plus you get these great WIZ Charts™!
They're our own exclusive Quick Reference Summary!
All of this is included in  Section 3

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The Full Version of Section 3 includes this WIZ Chart™ that details all procedures for recharging and gauge connections . It's printable too! All 12 steps to retrofitting are detailed along with a step-by- step flow chart. That makes it easy to retrofit any A/C System on the road today!

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