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Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity

Section 2
Understanding Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity

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Understanding Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity: You realize that your auto A/C system is really nothing more than a mechanical device that removes heat, right? But that's not all there is to it. Now with this section about Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity, you will not only have a better understanding of the true operations of your A/C system, but you will also sharpen your diagnosis skills and reduce your diagnosis time.
This manual is a lot more than just understanding the terms. If you wanted definitions of the terms you could have looked them up in a dictionary. This section digs into the details and how Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity effect your vehicle's A/C System.

In fact, do you realize that there are only two causes for Superheat conditions in an A/C system? That's right. When you understand those, you will cut your diagnosis time in half, guaranteed! Above that, do you realize that latent heat and humidity effect the operation of your A/C system every day? That's because latent heat of evaporation and latent heat of condensation are going on several times a minute, every time you're A/C system is operation. But, how they can effect your system is another story.

Do you really know when the refrigerant circuit is working at peak performance? Do you know of a quick, easy and inexpensive way to find out? Learn the universal, 100% accurate test for auto A/C system performance when you understand the details of Superheat and Latent heat. The best part is that the test takes seconds... and you don't need any special tools or equipment to do the test.

What about humidity? That plays a factor in the operation of every A/C system out there. In fact, did you know that humidity alone can make it feel like you A/C system isn't even working properly? Well, it can. Why? Well, that's why you need this section!

Learn the details about how humidity in the air can effect the operation of your A/C system. This section puts all of these concepts together so that you easily understand them and how they effect the operation and performance of the automotive A/C system. With a good understanding of how superheat, latent heat and humidity effect your A/C system, you will shorten your diagnosis time and be more accurate. Better yet, you won't be chasing after 'poor cooling' complaints that really don't exist! That's right... everybody thinks their A/C system has a performance problem when the dash vents only blow 50°F... but if you understand these concepts, you will quickly be able to confirm the A/C system's performance and know whether there really is a problem or not.

This section goes far beyond the definitions of Superheat, Latent heat and Humidity. This section is a "must have" for the serious technician or the DIY'er who really wants to understand the operation of the A/C system and improve their diagnosis skills. Can you do without this section? Sure you can. Will you classify as a pro? Well, that will remain to be seen. All we can tell you is that these details will help you truly understand how the A/C system deals with heat loads and how you can be a better technician.

Also included in this section are:
- Professional illustrations that make understanding the concepts easy.

- Illustrations and explanations of BTU's (British Thermal Units) and things you just didn't understand about how they can really effect A/C system performance.

- Helpful tips and tricks used by the pro's every day!

- Exclusive WIZ Chart that details Pressure / Temperature Relationships of properly operating A/C system for the complete range of relative humidity.

-Plus a lot more!

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Take a closer look at more details
included in Section 2

This section not only details the definitions of terms like Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity, but it also provides clear professional illustrations to make it easy to understand.

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Helps you understand the true effects of superheat, latent heat and humidity with examples that will make it easy to follow.

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Do you really understand what BTU's are all about? This section will clear things up for you and show you how all of this applies to your A/C system.

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This information is just not explained anywhere else! Really understanding these principles will shorten your diagnosis time and make it more accurate!

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So how does all of this apply to your auto A/C system? We show you exactly what superheat conditions are and how latent heat is being handled in the auto A/C system. We also detail the effects of humidity and how it can add heat load.

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Best of all, we've put it together to clearly show you how this applies to your A/C system. Get the full details now and learn how to shorten your diagnosis time without any other tools or equipment! Guaranteed!

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Plus you get this great WIZ Chart™!
Your our own exclusive Quick Reference Summary!
All of this is included in  Section 2

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This is the complete chart of Gauge Readings including High and Low Pressures plus expected duct outlet temperatures. It covers the complete range of ambient temperatures AND relative humidity from 20-80%. It's simply the most complete chart available. This chart will make it easy to understand when the A/C system is really operating properly.

Now you can eliminate all of those little mistakes that can end up costing $1,000's of dollars!
Quit guessing about proper A/C service !

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