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Section 1
How the Auto A/C System
Really Works

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How the A/C System Really Works:  When we talk about air conditioning, we are really talking about heat! That's because it's all really about heat and transferring heat. This section is packed with detailed information and covers all the principles that you really need to know to understand how the A/C system really works. Heat, measuring heat, pressure, the changes of state, latent heat and superheat. All really important topics if you want to understand how the system works and help reduce your diagnosis time.
What is unique about this section is the principles are covered in a manner that makes it really easy to understand. Explaining the 'changes of state' can be a dry topic. But relate that to an ice cube melting in your hand; well now that makes it real easy. The physics behind how an A/C system really works can be a dry topic; this section makes it interesting and easy. Best of all, it's all detailed with professional illustrations that help you remember.

While the first part of this section covers all of the principles, the second part starts by building a model automotive A/C system, one component at a time. Starting at the evaporator, you quickly understand how the A/C system transfers heat and makes the car cool. As the system continues to build, all the other components are added one at a time until the system is complete. You easily gain a complete understanding of what each component does and how it effects the system.

As the model A/C system continues to develop, all of the principles of physics from the first part are applied. Therefore, because understanding the physics was made easy, applying them to a model A/C system provides the reader with a firm understanding of the overall operation of the A/C system.

So you're an old pro at auto A/C and truely think you're too advanced to gain anything from this section? You already know the basics and have a real good understanding of how an A/C system really works? Almost every professional instructor in the feild has countless stories of service technicians who want to take courses for advanced auto A/C service, but they still can not explain the concepts of latent heat and superheat and how they both play a very important role in the operation of an A/C system. Understanding those simple concepts can quickly eliminate hours of guessing and diagnosis time. Just calculate the cost of the time you could waste and it's pretty easy to see that it's equal to hundreds of times the value of this manual. On the other hand, you could do what a lot of other service techs do; they take the long way... they guess at parts replacements, add refrigerant and recharge systems, never really pinpointing the problem. That's sort of like just throwing parts and refrigerant at the car until it's fixed. It could be really simple; understand the basics and eliminate the guess work.

In addition, this section also provides the basic gauge readings for all the major A/C system designs on the road today, so you learn the basics of what proper A/C system pressures should look like.

All of the details are well illustrated in full color. This section on How the A/C System Really Works also includes two full color WIZ Charts. WIZ Charts are our unique Quick Reference guides that provide great information from the section. They can be printed from the full version of the manual so you always have them available to refer to. (The free trial version does not include the WIZ Charts).

Also covered in this section are:
- Detailed schematic illustrations of every auto A/C system design on the road today; Each system illustration details the changes in components and explanations of how they effect the operation of the system.

- Component cut away illustrations; Get a better understanding of what's really inside the receiver drier, accumulator or expansion valve.

- WIZ Chart for Pressure / Temperature Relationships; Includes references for the typical Evaporator and Condenser pressure ranges; helps you understand if there is a problem on the system.

- WIZ Chart for Typical Gauge Readings; Covers all the common automotive A/C System designs on the road today.

-Plus a lot more!

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Take a closer look at more details
included in Section 1

Detailed illustrations and explanations about the changes of state; not only an important concept to understand, but understand how it plays a role in the operation of the A/C system. Helps when diagnosing poor cooling problems.

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This section is fully illustrated to provide the best understanding of the real operation of the A/C system. Learn the real relationships between refrigerant temperatures and pressure.

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All the principles are reviewed on one single page. That helps make it a lot easier to remember the specific details.

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We build a model A/C system from the 'ground up'. Starting with the evaporator, the entire system gets built piece by piece. You gain a perfect understanding of the reason for each component.

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The model A/C system is built until it's complete. Easy to follow professional illustrations make it easy to remember.

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The model A/C system is summarized with an illustration of the complete auto A/C system showing all the important 'sides' of the system; High and Low, liquid and vapor.

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Plus we provide detailed schematic illustrations of each of the 5 most common A/C system designs on the road today!

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Every system design illustration includes cut away illustrations of important components. Now you can really understand how the A/C system works!

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Plus you get these great WIZ Charts™!
They're our own exclusive Quick Reference Summary!
All of this is included in  Section 1

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The complete Pressure Temperature Relationship Chart that includes important information detailing the proper pressure ranges for both the Evaporator and the Condenser. Never be left alone when diagnosing and A/C system; You always have your WIZ Charts™! The second WIZ Chart™ included provide the typical gauge readings for all the common system designs on the road today. Helps you understand the proper readings on a working system.

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