Auto A/C on DVD Video

Get auto A/C troubleshooting help on DVD Video! How the A/C Sysetm Really Works  -and-
Building the A/C System - 2 DVD Set
Understand all the principles behind how the auto A/C system really works, then build a complete A/C system one component at a time! This two DVD set provides an excellent understanding of all the principles so that you better understand how the system works and that helps improve your diagnosis!
Get auto A/C troubleshooting help on DVD Video! Diagnosing Auto A/C Systems  
Reading the pressures are easy. But what's important is being able to interpret what those pressure gauge readings are really teslling you! This DVD Video details all the problem pressure gauge readings that you can encounter and provides a step-by-step repair process for each one!
Get auto A/C troubleshooting help on DVD Video! Most Common Failures on Auto A/C Systems  
Make auto A/C diagnosis quicker and easier when you know all of the most common failures on today's A/C systems! We reveal all of those failures, show you how and why they occur, provide countless tips from the pros to improve your diagnosis and even show you exactly how to fix each of the problems!
Get auto A/C troubleshooting help on DVD Video! Unlock the Mystery Behind Dual A/C Systems  
Quit guessing about dual evaporator A/C systems. With increased popularity of minivans and SUV's, dual A/C systems have become really popular. The problem is you need more than just pressure gauge readings in order to diagnose these systems. See how the pros do it quickly and accurately every time!

A/CE™ Air Conditioning Expert Manuals

Auto A/C Diagnostic Charts for all A/C Systems - A/CE™ Manual
 Now you can get complete diagnostic charts for any auto A/C system on the road today! Complete details of symptoms, what's causing the problem and the step-by-step fix!
Diagnose Variable Displacement Compressors - A/CE™ Manual
 Air conditioning systems using Variable Displacement Compressors can be difficult to diagnose. Our diagnostic charts make it easy to test to the compressor, the control valve and more!
10 Minute A/C System Diagnosis... Guaranteed! - A/CE™ Manual
 Get the quickest, most accurate auto A/C system diagnostics for any A/C system on the road. Regardless of what type of vehicle you're working on, spend an hour with this manual and then just follow the step-by-step trouble tree diagnostic chart and you're done!
10 Most Common and Often Overlook A/C Leaks - A/CE™ Manual
 Make sure the job is done right! Learn all the correct procedures when replacing components in your auto A/C system!
Everything the Vacuum Pump Manufacturers Don't
Want You to Know - A/CE™ Manual

 Vacuum pumps are one of the most neglected pieces of auto A/C service equipment today. In fact, it's estimated that over 90% of the ones in service today don't work! We show you everything you need to know about vacuum pumps and all the things the pump manufacturer's don't want you to know!
Do you really know the Relative Humidity? - A/CE™ Manual
 Make your own Psychrometer for a few dollars and measure the relative humidity right in your own shop within minutes! A must when diagnosing auto A/C!

Other A/C Manuals

How the A/C system really works (Section 1)
  When you really understand how the auto A/C system transfers heat, you quickly shorten the time it takes to diagnose any problems.
Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity (Section 2)
  Understand how Superheat and humidity really do effect the operation of the auto A/C system. You really don't understand A/C until you understand this.
Recharging and Retrofitting auto A/C systems (Section 3)
 Ready to connect the manifold gauges? Learn the right process to safely recharge any auto A/C system with just the basic tools. Complete retrofit guide included too!
Diagnosing the auto A/C system (Section 4)
 What do those gauge readings really mean? Understand what the pressure gauges are telling you about the operation of the auto A/C system.
Performance Testing for auto A/C systems (Section 5)
  It's a lot more than just connecting the gauges and taking pressure gauge readings. Learn the real A/C performance test and quit guessing!
Leak Testing auto A/C Systems (Section 6)
 Did you know that simple mistakes in how leak detection processes are used can mean that you miss a lot of leaks? Learn how to find all the leaks!
Flushing and cleaning the auto A/C system (Section 7)
 If only 1/10th of a teaspoon of debris can kill your auto A/C compressor, you better understand how to properly flush and clean the auto A/C system!
Auto A/C Compressor and Clutch Service (Section 8)
Compressors and clutch failures are one of the most common A/C problems. Get complete details on servicing and repairing auto A/C compressors.
Auto A/C Component Replacement Procedures (Section 9)
Make sure the job is done right! Learn all the correct procedures when replacing components in your auto A/C system!
Tips, Tricks and Things Nobody Else Would Tell You (Section 10)
Benefit from countless years of hands on experience when you learn the tips and tricks the pros use every day!

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