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Your best source for complete troubleshooting and diagnosis information on auto A/C systems. Our information provides proper repair, recharge, service and maintenance procedures for all automotive air conditioning systems. Regardless if you have a current CCOT (cycling clutch orifice tube) system or an expansion valve and POA valve system, we've got the information you need. From step-by-step help on retrofitting and recharging to complete A/C compressor or component replacement, our A/C manuals provide you a quick and easy methods that have been proven helpful to everybody from the apprentice to the professional.

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Looking for auto A/C help on CD or DVD video? We've got all the titles that you've been looking for in clear digital video!

How to Diagnose any A/C System in 10 minutes… guaranteed!
A/C Training Webinar - Discover how to diagnose any a/c system in minutes... guaranteed! We’ve just released this new auto A/C Instruction Video to show you how you can diagnose any auto A/C system in minutes! Learn the tips and tricks the pros use every day on the service shop floor to find out what the A/C Problem is. This video information is a recording of a webinar. The original webinar was scheduled to last 1 hour, but because of the overwhelming amount of information, it lasted almost 2 hours! What’s best is that it just doesn’t cover the A/C Diagnosis… it includes this other 'key' information on:
  • Dual A/C Sysetms
  • Understanding why our vacuum pump may not be working
  • An up close look to explain what you need to know about
          your vacuum pump
  • A close up look at different components
  • Actual photos and cut-aways
  • and lots more!
We’ve got the most comprehensive auto A/C repair, service and troubleshooting help on DVD video available anywhere! Each auto A/C video title is professionally compiled and provides easy to understand graphics and live video that can be viewed on your TV or computer. (Additional DVD video playback software may be required for viewing on your computer. Check your system.) Watching it on video makes learning everything about auto A/C easy! What's best is that every video is compiled without advertising! That's right! No advertising or promotions, just the hard facts about auto A/C!

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Please Note: The video information is provided as a .avi file. In order to view this video, you will require Micro Soft Media Player (included with all versions of Windows) or a similar type of player. Note that some DVD players will play .avi files like a standard DVD, but this information was not compiled in that format! Although most newer DVD players will play an .avi file, you will have no problem viewing this information on your computer!

A close up look and
explanation of
A/C Components

Detailed illustrations

Get explanations of exactly
why the A/C system fails and
how you can check it in minutes!


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Find out the Most
Common A/C Failures

Get info on Dual
Evaporator A/C Systems
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Understand the A/C System
from the basics to the
completed system!

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Detailed Information

Actual cut-away

Discover exactly how
the A/C System works!

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Looking for auto A/C help on CD or DVD video? We've got all the titles that you've been looking for in clear digital video!


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Looking for auto A/C help on CD or DVD? We've got the titles that you have been looking for in professionally edited, advertising free DVD Video

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