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Why you should have a free listing

First of all, it is the only directory of it's kind, and the listing is 100% free. Therefore, the price is certainly right.

Secondly, it provides exposure for your business, and at the same time, tells the motoring public that you are an auto A/C professional.

Best of all, because we intend to develop the Worldwide Auto A/C Directory to become the leading source for A/C sevice information, you should be involved from the start. Requesting a free listing is quick and easy, and you can start right here.

Consider going all the way!
If you really want to do it right, consider upgrading your free listing to a web page at the Worldwide A/C Directory! That's right, you very own web page (sample page here) that will tell your customers all about your shop, what services you provide, contact information and even a map! Best of all, it will also feature your customer feedback!

Feedback? You bet! Would you purchase anything on auction sites without reviewing the sellers feedback score? No way! You already know that 'word of mouth' and 'testimonials' are the very best way to promote your business? So upgrade your listing now, and show the world you are serious.

Here is the way it works. When you upgrade your free listing to a web page at the Worldwide A/C Directory, your page will be developed, hosted and maintained by autoACsystems.com. You will also recieve a pdf file of a customer feedback form. Simply leave a copy of that form with your customers. The form will provide clear instructions for your customers to click in to our site and provide their feedback. Our data center received the information and posts it to your individual web page. It's that simple. So let's get started with your upgrade listing now!

The complete web page unpgrade is available for only $39.95 for the year! That's right... that includes creating your page using our standard format page, linking to your e-mail, linking to your web site (if you have one) and updating your customer feed back! You better upgrade now!

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