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AutoACsystems.com solicits free listings on this site in order to assist the consumer in locating local automotive air conditioning service. The directory listing is free to use for all visitors to this site. Although we screen each listing that we receive, the fact that a company is listed does not constitute an endorsement of that shop, nor any guarantee of the quality of their work.  

Any listing in the Worldwide A/C Directory that includes a "get more details" link, is linked to a web page that is paid for by that shop and hosted on the autoACsystems.com servers. Those individual web pages may include feedback. Any feedback that is posted on the individual web site pages is the result of a customer posting their comments about their experience at that shop. All customer comments are received and processed by our data center.

In cases where the individual shop or company has their own complete web site, the web page hosted here will have a link to that site.  

The directory is intended for the benefit of the public. It is completely up to the individual service shop wheather or not they want a web page hosted here at the Worldwide A/C Directory. Just because a shop has declined the advantage of the web page should not be construed in a negative way.

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