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Auto A/C FAQ's: Frequently asked questions about automotive air conditioning service, repair, troubleshooting and diagnosis
As our knowledge base grows, this FAQ section will prove to be your best source of information about testing, servicing and troubleshooting auto A/C systems. Before you start to fix or repair the system, check here for answers to all the commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer here, contact us at 'support@autoacsystems.net' and we will be glad to provide you the answer you need and add it to our knowledge base of FAQ's.

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What's happening with my auto A/C?
Q: I can hear my compressor coming on, but there's no cold air. What's wrong?
Q: My A/C system isn't blowing cold. Can I cause damage if it continues to operate?
Q: My A/C works but the air doesn't blow out of the right vents. What's wrong?
Recharging & refrigerant (freon) for the auto A/C
Q: How do I find the charge ports on my A/C system?
How often should my A/C system be recharged?

Q: What's the minimum equipment I need to recharge or service my auto A/C system?
Q: Does more refrigerant make the A/C system colder? 
Q: What's the problem with topping off an A/C system that's just low on refrigerant?
Q: Do the pressure gauge readings tell me how much refrigerant is in the A/C system?
Q: How can I tell if my auto A/C system is low on refrigerant?
Q: How can I tell if my auto A/C system is overcharged?
Vacuum and the auto A/C System
Does the A/C system have to be vacuumed before recharging?

Q: How does air get into the system when I am recharging or adding refrigerant?
Q: What's the best type of vacuum pump to use for auto A/C service?
Q: How do I vacuum the A/C system?

Orifice Tubes
Q: I can't find the orifice tube on my A/C System. How do I locate it?
Q: Why is the location of the orifice tube changed on some vehicles?
Q: Does the orifice tube have to be installed in a specific direction?
Q: What about TXV's or expansion valves? Can they be checked?

Refrigerant oil in the auto A/C system
Q: Do I have to add refrigerant oil to the A/C system when I recharge?
Q: How much refrigerant oil should I add to the A/C system when recharging?
When adding refrigerant oil to the A/C system, where do I add it?

Auto A/C Component replacement
Q: What if I am replacing the A/C Compressor? Where do I add that oil?
Q: Why can't I replace an A/C hose using fittings and hose clamps?
Q: How do I measure the fitting or hose on my A/C system?
Q: Do I have to replace the complete A/C hose assembly or can it be repaired?
Q: Can I repair the rear A/C hoses or lines on a vehicle with rear A/C?

The Auto A/C Compressor Clutch
Q: The A/C clutch will not engage. What could the problem be?  
Q: My A/C compressor clutch slips when the compressor engages. What is the problem?
Offensive Odors from your A/C system?
Q: My air conditioning system has a foul odor. Why is there an odor and what can I do to eliminate the odor?

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Our list of FAQ's is growing, so please visit back often. If you can't find the right answer here, visit the auto A/C help and discussion board at the COOL ZONE. You'll get all the right answers to your questions about troubleshooting and diagnosing auto A/C systems.

Do you have questions that you would like to see answered here? Please contact us.

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