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What's happening with my auto A/C?
Q: I can hear my compressor coming on, but there's no cold air. What's wrong?
A: There could be several reasons why your auto A/C compressor is coming on (or cycling on and off) but you still do not have cool air coming from the vents in the car.  In general, the reason is that the A/C system is under a superheat condition. That means there is not enough liquid refrigerant in the A/C evaporator to effectively transfer the heat.

The superheat condition is caused by only one of two reasons. Either there is a problem with the refrigerant flow and that is restricting the amount of refrigerant entering into the evaporator OR the system is low on refrigerant and there simply is not enough refrigerant to maintain the proper liquid level in the evaporator.

The quickest method to test this is to add a small amount of refrigerant (usually between 2-4oz. depending on the total system charge). If the added refrigerant corrects the problem, you most likely have a leak and the system should be recovered, have the leak repaired, vacuum and recharge the A/C system with the original factory specified amount of refrigerant. If the added refrigerant did NOT improve the cooling, you most likely have a restriction within the A/C circuit. That could be at the condenser, drier or expansion valve or orifice tube. The system will have to be diagnosed in order to determine the real problem.


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