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Your best source for complete troubleshooting and diagnosis information on auto A/C systems. Our information provides proper repair, recharge, service and maintenance procedures for all automotive air conditioning systems. Regardless if you have a current CCOT (cycling clutch orifice tube) system or an expansion valve and POA valve system, we've got the information you need. From step-by-step help on retrofitting and recharging to complete A/C compressor or component replacement, our A/C manuals provide you a quick and easy methods that have been proven helpful to everybody from the apprentice to the professional.

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Includes Over 230 Page printed manual in rigid binder - All WIZ Charts™ - All A/C Diagnostic Charts -  A/C Training Course on DVD - Available with all 5 A/C Diagnostic & Troubleshooting DVD Videos
Auto A/C Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Help on DVD Digital Video Disc!

Looking for auto A/C CD's and DVD's? We've got exclusive dvd video help on all the right topics about auto air conditioning!

Professional A/C Training Course
Your chance to attend a professional A/C Training Course that countless mechanics and A/C Service Techs have spent hundreds to attend! Now available on DVD Video so you can watch, review and make notes at your own pace!
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The most comprehensive series of auto A/C help and troubleshooting DVD videos available anywhere!
Looking for auto A/C CD's and DVD's? We've got exclusive dvd video help on all the right topics about auto air conditioning!

Looking for auto A/C help on CD or DVD?
We've got the titles you've been looking for! Professional DVD video that provides help to diagnose, repair and troubleshoot your A/C system. Every video disc provides professional auto A/C help in full color including charts and illustrations never published before. Topics cover how the A/C system works, diagnosing auto A/C, Unlocking the mystery of Dual Auto A/C systems and more! See all the auto A/C DVD videos now! Dont' Forget... Get our latest release... 2 Hour Training Video (Webinar Recording) on how to Diagnose any A/C System in 10 Minutes... Guaranteed! Get the video and eBook at introductory pricing now!
Auto A/C Diagnosis and Troubleshooting eBook Manuals!

Auto A/C Manuals for diagnosis, repair and troubleshooting

Learn all the right procedures for auto A/C Diagnosis, Performance Testing, Leak Testing and Recharging any auto A/C System!
Auto A/C help to repair and diagnose any auto A/C system on the road. This complete set of manuals detail how to complete all the service procedures properly and safely. View all the auto A/C Manuals available now or review our this unique bundle of our 5 best selling auto A/C manuals and save! Read what customers are actually saying!
A/CE™ Auto A/C Expert! - Auto A/C Diagnostic Charts and More!

Auto Air Conditioning diagnosis and troubleshooting help! Get detailed diagnostic charts to quickly repair any auto A/C system on the road! No more guessing with universal service charts! Get all the vehicle specific diagnosis charts you need right now!

Looking for vehicle specific auto A/C help? Easily troubleshoot
any auto A/C system with our unique diagnostic charts!

Diagnostic charts provide the exact answers you need for every problem pressure gauge reading on any auto A/C system. Just look up the problem pressure gauge reading and follow the fix! It's really that easy! The A/CE™ Air Conditioning Expert Series of eBooks includes these Auto A/C Diagnostic Charts , Diagnostics for Variable Displacement Compressor A/C Systems and several other auto A/C Help titles for everybody from the apprentice to the pro!
Auto A/C Diagnostics in minutes with A/CE™ Auto A/C Manuals!

10 minute A/C diagnosis... take advantage of the tips and shortcuts the pros use every day!

The 10 Minute Auto A/C Diagnosis... Guaranteed!
Tired of guessing at auto A/C problems? Learn all the short cuts, tips and tricks the pros use to quickly and accurately diagnose any auto A/C system on the road in minutes! Spend an hour with this eBook and quit guessing at the problems. This book reveals the short cuts that professional A/C technicians and instructors use every day to quickly diagnose any auto A/C system on the road! Read customer comments about our auto A/C eBooks! Review the details on the 10 minute A/C Diagnosis!
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Auto A/C Connection!™ A free ebook with all the auto A/C specs and service information you need!

A first in the auto A/C service industry! Complete auto A/C service information and Source Guide. Includes all of the hard to find information you need when servicing or repairing auto A/C systems. Look up refrigerant capacities, A/C compressor Identification, parts sources and lots more ! Get your own copy of the Auto A/C Connection™ now!
The Consumer's Guide to Auto A/C - Free eBook Download!

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Automotive Air Conditioning is our business, it's not a sideline! If you have any questions or problems with Auto A/C diagnosis, repair or maintenance, we've got the answers you need! We are your one stop source for the most comprehensive auto A/C manuals and we also maintain a complete on-line store for all of your service and maintenance parts and tools. We feature everything from o-rings to a/c compressor oil, sealers, UV dyes, injectors, hose crimpers, in-line A/C filters and more. We back all of our products and A/C manuals with after sales support and assure you prompt service for all of your auto A/C needs.

Please take a moment now to bookmark this site. We also invite you to make it your homepage! Don't forget to visit and register at our auto A/C Help Forum too! You can get all the right answers to your auto A/C problems. Are you shopping for or selling auto A/C parts, tools or equipment? 

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Troubleshooting Auto A/C ?
We've got the auto A/C Diagnosis and Troubleshooting manuals  you need!

How the A/C System Really works A/C Leak Detection - find all the leaks
Understanding Superheat, and Humidity Flushing & Cleaning the auto A/C System
Recharging & Retrofitting auto A/C Systems Auto A/C Component Replacement Procedures
Diagnosing auto A/C Systems A/C Compressor & Clutch Service
Performance Testing the A/C System Tips, Tricks & Things nobody else will tell you

A/CE Professional Auto A/C Manuals
Detailed Troubleshooting, Diagnosis and help manuals  for
Auto Air Conditioning

A/CE™ Auto Air Conditioning service and repair manuals are sure to become the A/C Technician's best friend! These service manuals provide important information about auto A/C service that's just not available anywhere else. In fact, this information isn't even included in the 'National Brand' Auto Repair CD manuals or even in the vehicle manufacturer's factory service manuals! It's only available from! The world's leader in auto A/C service information and help! Watch for more  A/CE™ manuals being added all the time!
Complete A/C System Diagnosis and Troubleshooting charts show you everything you need! They detail the symptom, the problem and the FIX! Auto A/C System Diagnostics for All A/C systems
(System Specific Diagnosis Charts):
No matter what type of auto air conditioning system your working on, this A/CE™ Manual provides you the exact diagnosis whenever there's a 'no cooling' problem. We've made it just that simple! Don't rely on general or 'universal' diagnosis charts that can't 'nail down' the exact problem. These auto A/C diagnosis charts provide you all of the possible 'problem' pressure gauge combinations for each system design. On top of that, they detail all of the symptoms, tell you what the problem is and give you step-by-step details of the fix!
See all the A/C system diagnostic charts now!
Complete A/C System Diagnosis and Troubleshooting information in easy to use 'trouble tree' chart format! Auto A/C System Diagnostics for all A/C Systems using
Variable Displacement Compressors:
Diagnosing auto air conditioning systems that use variable displacement A/C compressors is difficult. Diagnosis is specially difficult if you don't have the right information. In fact, when you have a no cooling problem with a variable displacement compressor, just about anything you do without the proper test procedures is nothing better than a guess! Don't let these new compressor designs cause problems with your A/C diagnosis. Get all the right Auto A/C Diagnostic Charts included in this unique A/CE™ Manual. You will have all the detailed information you need to know right at your finger tips!
See diagnostic charts for Variable Displacement A/C Compressors!
10 Most common and often overlooked A/C leaks:
This A/CE™ Manual exposes all of the 10 most common A/C leaks! It includes everything you need to truly understand how to find all the leaks in today's auto A/C systems. We show you exactly where the 'hidden' leaks are that are never exposed with routine leak test procedures! Includes 2 great added bonuses at no extra charge. You can even get this A/C manual free! Get details now! 
Everything Vacuum Pump Manufacturers don't want you to know! Get this eBook now! Everything Vacuum Pump Manufacturers Don't
Want You to Know!:
Now revealed! This is an A/CE™ exclusive! Did you know according to current estimates, over 90% of the vacuum pumps in service right now do not work properly! Maintenance and service is easy if you know how. We expose everything vacuum pump manufacturers don't want you to know.  Learn all the small mistakes you could be making that's causing permanent damage to your pump! You could be using your vacuum pump like a vacuum cleaner! This manual reveals everything you need to know to service and repair your vacuum pump on your shop floor without any special tools! Get details now! 
Find the Relative Humidity any time when you know how to Make a Psychrometer (for just a few dollars!)
Knowing the relative humidity is important when you're testing auto A/C systems! How do you determine the humidity for A/C testing? Simple! Make and use your own Psychrometer! Factory service manuals used to specify a psychrometer as one of the required tools for A/C technicians. Now this A/CE™ Manual details everything you need with step-by-step instructions and photographs. Learn how you can get this A/C manual free! Get details now! 

More new title coming soon!

See all the A/CE™ auto A/C Manuals

FAQ's about auto A/C Systems

The most commonly asked questions about auto A/C systems get answered! Will Refrigerant R-152a be the next replacement for R-134a ?
Everything about Retrofitting your car A/C system from R-12 to R-134a Confused about what an orifice tube is? See the complete Glossary of terms

Troubleshooting auto air conditioning?
Here's the  'Fast Track' to the auto A/C information you really need!

Auto A/C system orifce tubes and thermal expansion valves are explained in detail. Understand the differences and how they work. Orifice tubes & Expansion Valves or TXV's:
Orifice tubes and expansion valves (called Thermostatic Expansion Valves or TXV's) both perform the same function in auto air conditioning systems, they just look a little different. These parts provide a restriction that changes the high pressure liquid freon into low pressure liquid freon before it enters the evaporator. Have a closer look at the different designs and how they function.

Get details!

Repair rear A/C lines on vans, minivans, suv's and suburbans with these rear A/C line repair kits! Rear A/C Lines & Repair Kits: More and more vans, minivans, SUV's and suburbans have rear A/C systems. The biggest problem is that the refrigerant lines for the rear A/C evaporator run under the vehicle and are exposed to all the elements... all of the time. Those lines are prone to rust and corrosion that causes them to leak. Until now, the only replacement has been new lines from the vehicle manufacturer. Now you can easily repair the rear A/C Lines using these repair kits!

Get details!

In line filters are like insurance for your A/C compressor! In-Line Filter Kits: In-line filters are an economical way to control contamination and can be like insurance for your A/C Compressor! Mobile air conditioning systems are subject to moisture contamination and that moisture mixes with freon to create acids that will corrode all the metal components. When the corrosion builds up, the expansion valve or orifice tube can quickly become plugged and cause a compressor failure. The in-line filters will help prevent that!

Get details!

Manifold gauges, couplers and hose sets for testing, recharging and diagnosing automotive air conditioning systems Gauges, Couplers and More: Confused about gauge sets? Not sure about what you really need? Will your hoses and couplers work? Gauge sets, often called manifold gauges, along with the charge hoses, couplers are just some of the basic A/C tools you need to service auto air conditioning systems. Find out the basics, what you really need to recharge the A/C system and how to convert your R-12 equipment to work on R-134a A/C Systems.

Get details!

Vacuum Pumps and vacuum pump service: Probably one of the most neglected pieces of equipment on the A/C service shop floor is the vacuum pump. Have a closer look at some simple tests we did using a micron vacuum gauge. We detailed a simple vacuum pump service and oil change that takes about 20 minutes, and you can see all the details for your self.

Get details!

Auto air conditioning service products, repair and troubleshooting manuals are available at the COOL ZONE! Secure on-line transactions powered by WorldPay!

Keepin' Cool - Your best automotive air conditioning e-zine with updated information on auto A/C parts and general service information. All available from autoACsystems and the COOL ZONE! Your on-line A/C Connection! Polymax Refrigerant Oil - Replaces PAG, Ester and Mineral oil - Approved for use in all Auto A/C systems and with all refrigerants too! R-134a! R-12! Hydrocarbons and blends! HC's! R-12a and more! Braze Perfect! Simply the world's easiest aluminum brazing solution! Repair A/C hoses and lines with a standard propane torch!

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